How to add a profile

To add an profile:
1º-  You must create a user account on our website, or if you already have a user account, enter.
2º-  From your user menu you can add your profile, edit and modify your text, images etc.. As well as view your stats.
Or changing your username and password.
3º- You can complete your profile, and the system will automatically send you payment details. We accept payment via Western Union, Pay Pal or Credit Card.

If you have any questions or need our help, contact us

You can create and manage multiple ads from your account. .



What types of ads you can put on our website

Super Vip Escorts
  • These ads are displayed on the top of our site, being the more traffic you get.
  • Set up to 15 Images.
  • You can check your images to authenticate it's you.
      Our rates are: 
 2 Weeks  60 €
 1 Month 120 €
 3 Months  360 €
 6 Months  720 €


Vip  Escorts
  • These ads appear after Super Vip listings with a great traffic.
  • Set up to 10 images.
  • You can check your images to authenticate it's you.
    Our rates are: 
 2 Weeks  40 €
 1 Month 75 €
 3 Months 215 €
 6 Months  425 €


Best Escorts
  • The plan most economical of all websites in Abu Dhabi, with the best results.
  • Set up to 5 images.
  • You can check your images to authenticate it's you.
    Our rates are:
 2 Weeks  20 €
 1 Month FREE!!
 3 Months  85 €
 6 Months  170 €


What is really the icon 'verified photos'?

Securely to the quality of our listings, all escort have the ability to request photo verification process, which we will ensure that the published photos are real.
Request various information and identification of escorts to prove their identity.
Escorts with the icon 'verified photos' will ensure that your photos have been established by and they are real.

Do escorts without the icon 'verified photos' are not real?

The verification process involves the escort must send an information, so sometimes it is impossible for her by several factors. Not having the
icon 'verified photos' means that the escort has not requested the verification process does not mean that your images are not real.

I want to request an escort verification

If you are an escort and want to have the icon 'verified photos' in your ad:
- Get a picture with your phone, camera or webcam, which clearly display your body and face, writes in a pape and hold it when doing the photo, and send it to

- Or you can send to a picture of your passport, identity card or a picture of you everyday life to see clearly that are you.


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